Torchy's Tacos

Food Expeditor


Tyler, TX



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The Torchy's legacy began in Austin, Texas in 2006 with an idea, a dedicated executive chef and a food trailer. Today, Torchy's Tacos operates dozens of locations across multiple states, all with the determination to deliver on our "Damn Good" food promise. The Torchy's Family prides itself on talent, diversity, and one hell of a work ethic.

Purpose of Position:

The Food Expeditor ensures all orders are served accurately and are up to Torchy’s standards of quality.


  • Verify tickets to food orders. Double check modifications

  • Records and communicates ticket times

  • Gets a manager involved when there is an allergy or complicated ticket

  • Portion salsas on sheet pans as listed on the prep sheet, Records yields

  • Properly labels, dates, and fills pans correctly for all produced food items

  • Properly sets up station according to diagram with appropriate backups to get through their shift.

  • Properly breaks down station and cleans for the next shift, restocks if necessary

  • Keeps kitchen clean and organized including the walk-in

  • Details kitchen equipment daily

  • Keep station clean while working, line sweeps

  • Makes chips and dips in order of tickets

  • Communicates ticket times to kitchen and management

  • Follows FIFO rules

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Food safety standards

  • Knife safety skills

  • Reading and communication skills

  • Basic math: addition and subtraction

  • Holds current food safety certification for city

  • Must be 18 years of age


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